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Nuclear Chemistry & Engineering

Jenn Carter

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352

PNNL Publications


  • O'Hara MJ, NJ Murray, JC Carter, CM Kellogg, and JM Link. 2018. "Hydroxamate column-based purification of zirconium-89 (89Zr) using an automated fluidic platform." Applied Radiation and Isotopes 132:85-94.  doi:10.1016/j.apradiso.2017.10.048


  • McNamara BK, MJ O'Hara, AM Casella, JC Carter, RS Addleman, and PJ MacFarlan. 2016. "Uniform deposition of uranium hexafluoride (UF6): Standardized mass deposits and controlled isotopic ratios using a thermal fluorination method." Talanta 154:219-227.  doi:10.1016/j.talanta.2016.03.054
  • O'Hara MJ, JC Carter, CL Warner, MG Warner, and RS Addleman. 2016. "Magnetic iron oxide and manganese-doped iron oxide nanoparticles for the collection of alpha-emitting radionuclides from aqueous solutions." RSC Advances 6(2016):105239-105251.  doi:10.1039/C6RA22262E


  • Lumetta GJ, AJ Casella, BM Rapko, TG Levitskaia, NK Pence, JC Carter, CM Niver, and MR Smoot. 2015. "An Advanced TALSPEAK Concept Using 2-Ethylhexylphosphonic Acid Mono-2-Ethylhexyl Ester as the Extractant." Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 33(3):211-223.  doi:10.1080/07366299.2014.985920


  • Lumetta GJ, AV Gelis, JC Carter, CM Niver, and MR Smoot. 2014. "The Actinide-Lanthanide Separation Process." Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 32(4):333-347.  doi:10.1080/07366299.2014.895638
  • Lumetta GJ, JC Carter, CM Niver, and AV Gelis. 2014. "Development of the Actinide-Lanthanide Separation (ALSEP) Process." In Proceedings of the 20th International Solvent Extraction Conference (ISEC 2014), September 7-11, 2014, Wurzburg, Germany.  DECHEMA, Frankfurt, Germany. 


  • Braley JC, GJ Lumetta, and JC Carter. 2013. "Combining CMPO and HEH[EHP] for Separating Trivalent Lanthanides from the Transuranic Elements." Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 31(6):567-577.  doi:10.1080/07366299.2013.785912
  • Lumetta GJ, AV Gelis, JC Braley, JC Carter, JW Pittman, MG Warner, and GF Vandegrift, III. 2013. "The TRUSPEAK Concept: Combining CMPO and HDEHP for Separating Trivalent Lanthanides from the Transuranic Elements." Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 31(3):223-236.  doi:10.1080/07366299.2012.670595
  • Lumetta GJ, JC Carter, CM Niver, and AV Gelis. 2013. "ZIRCONIUM AND FISSION PRODUCT MANAGEMENT IN THE ALSEP PROCESS." In Global 2013: International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference - Nuclear Energy at a Crossroads, September 29- October 3, 2013 Salt Lake City, Utah.  American Nuclear Society, La Grange Park, IL. 


  • Anheier NC, Jr, BD Cannon, HA Qiao, JC Carter, BK McNamara, MJ O'Hara, JR Phillips, and MM Curtis. 2012. "Onsite Gaseous Centrifuge Enrichment Plant UF6 Cylinder Destructive Analysis." In 53rd Annual Meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM 53), July 15-19,2012, Orlando, Florida, vol. 1, pp. 764-772.  INMM -Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, Deerfield, IL. 
  • Braley JC, JC Carter, SI Sinkov, KL Nash, and GJ Lumetta. 2012. "The role of carboxylic acids in TALSQueak separations." Journal of Coordination Chemistry 65(16):2862-2876. 
  • Lumetta GJ, JC Braley, SI Sinkov, and JC Carter. 2012. Separating the Minor Actinides Through Advances in Selective Coordination ChemistryPNNL-21642, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 


  • Lumetta GJ, D Neiner, SI Sinkov, JC Carter, JC Braley, S Latesky, AV Gelis, P Tkac, and GF Vandegrift, III. 2011. "COMBINING NEUTRAL AND ACIDIC EXTRACTANTS FOR RECOVERING TRANSURANIC ELEMENTS FROM NUCLEAR FUEL." Chapter 3 in Proceedings of the 19th International Solvent Extraction Conference (ISEC 2011), October 3-7, 2011, Santiago, Chile, ed. F Valenzuela and BA Moyer, p. 68.  GECAMIN, Santiago, Chile. 
  • Lumetta GJ, JC Braley, SI Sinkov, TG Levitskaia, JC Carter, MG Warner, and JW Pittman. 2011. Sigma Team for Minor Actinide Separation: PNNL FY 2011 Status ReportPNNL-20629, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 
  • O'Hara MJ, JC Carter, JA Maclellan, CL Warner, MG Warner, and RS Addleman. 2011. "Investigation of magnetic nanoparticles for the rapid extraction and assay of alpha-emitting radionuclides from urine: Demonstration of a novel radiobioassay method." Health Physics 101(2):196-208. 



  • Lumetta GJ, JC Carter, AV Gelis, and GF Vandegrift, III. 2009. "Combining octyl(phenyl)-N,N-diisobutyl-carbamoylmethylphosphine oxide and bis-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid extractants for recovering transuranic elements from irradiated nuclear fuel." Chapter 9 in Nuclear Energy and the Environment: ACS Symposium Series, vol. 1046, ed. CM Wai and BJ Mincher, pp. 107-118.  American Chemical Society, Washington DC.  doi:10.1021/bk-2010-1046.ch009

Nuclear Chemistry & Engineering

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