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Isotope Sciences

The Isotope Sciences Program at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory supports scientific advances in the production and use of radioisotopes for research, medicine, and industrial applications. We serve government, private industry, and academic clients in the U.S. and worldwide. Our goal is to provide cost-effective and timely solutions to clients with special needs for expert services. We excel in ultrapure radiochemical separations.

Our principal medical isotope products are strontium-90 and yttrium-90, gadolinium-153, radium-224 generators for lead-212 and bismuth-212, radium-223, and thorium-227. We also recycle legacy cesium-137, radium-226, actinium-227, and neptunium-237 for beneficial applications in a variety of sciences.

We develop new biomedical applications for medical isotopes, including radiolabeled antibodies and peptides, and brachytherapy devices for cancer treatment. Our newest medical device is a fast-resorbable polymer seed containing yttrium-90 microspheres as the active source material for treating non-resectable solid tumors.

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