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Nuclear Chemistry & Engineering


Adam Poloski

Adam Poloski

to the Nuclear Chemistry & Engineering Group, the primary research and development (R&D) organization in the Radiochemical Processing Laboratory (RPL). Our work supports Hanford Site cleanup, river corridor protection, nuclear materials stewardship, non-proliferation missions, the nuclear fuel life cycle, national security missions, and energy production, and is engaged in expanding the beneficial use of nuclear materials. Through high-quality fundamental actinide science and strong academic collaborations, we are fostering a renewed focus on radiochemistry and irradiated materials research for providing solutions in nuclear nonproliferation, environmental cleanup and protection, advanced nuclear energy, and for use in medicine and industry.

Our technical capabilities include radiochemical process engineering, irradiated materials characterization, and radiochemical separations and conversions - supported by a full-service, in-house analytical laboratory that provides a comprehensive suite of analytical instrumentation, with natural linkages in process modeling, colloidal particle interfacial dispersion, and surface science - all while maintaining stewardship for one of the few remaining multipurpose Category 2 nuclear R&D hot cell facilities in the U.S. Department of Energy complex.

Nuclear Chemistry & Engineering

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Karl Pool
Analytical Support Operations Lead

Don Bachand
RPL R&D Operations Manager